I’m Whole30ing

by Priyanka on April 14, 2014

Hello friends,

My goal ever since having Neil was to be strong and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and then lose some. None of the aforementioned happened and on the contrary I managed to gain a few pounds. My eating habits have really stooped down to an all time low. I have been resorting to the comfort that food provides on more than one occasion which has ultimately culminated into an excessive dependence on food. These habits have many other ramifications, an unhealthy body, low immune system, low energy and general state of unwell being. Who wants to be experiencing all of those, not me, and especially when I have a high-energy toddler to look after.

I am an “ALL or NOTHING” kind of person, I knew I had to do something a bit more drastic to change myself . Something that had rules and stringent ones so I could break free of all the  unhealthy food cravings.

So after a lot of research and reading about other bloggers and IGers experiences, I decided to take the plunge and do the whole30 challenge.


Actually as I type this post I am already on Day 6! I will be posting a weekly recap about my experience with this lifestyle change but I must say I underestimated my control. I have not missed sugar, and the mindless snacks AT ALL.

So what will this gal be eating,


- Vegetables

- Fruits

- Chicken and Seafood


- Nuts

- Good fats like coconut oil, olive oil etc.


- Grains

- Lentils and legumes

- Dairy

- Sugar or sweeteners (Natural or artificial)

- Alcohol

-White potatoes

- Carrageenan, MSG or sulfites

I will be posting about my success and struggles in my weekly recap posts on Wednesdays.

I hope to achieve these goals by doing this system cleanse,

1. Reboot my system

2. Figure out my food priorities and re-educate myself about the different foods.

3. Give up Sugar. (consume only sparingly)

4. Give up cheese.

You can follow my daily whole30 journey on instagram.


What’s in my bag!

by Priyanka on April 7, 2014

I have seen many bloggers some version of “whats in my _____ ” posts. What I really love is the fact that us bloggers take pride in peaking into fellow bloggers’ pantry, fridge, bag etc. I have never done any such posts, such a shame :) Today during one of Neil’s temper tantrums, he upturned my handbag and down came all the contents on the ground. In that moment it hit, I can do one of those “what’s in my bag” posts too and so here it is thanks to Mr.N!

Here’s a shot of all the contents in the bag once the tantrum had subsided.


1. Iphone

2. My wallet

3. Keys. I love the Juicy Couture Key chain.

4. Rayban Sunglasses

5. Tory Burch glasses

6. Blistex lip balm

7. Notepad

8. My Erin Condren Planner.

9. Kleenex

10. Earphones

11. Emergency fruit Bar for Neil (don’t know where my emergency bar is)

12. Pouch with N’s essentials and mine like lotion, diaper rash cream, tylenol, soap.( Don’t have his diapers and wipes since we had to use them the very same day)

13. Washi tape <– I am in love with this thing!



Q. What is something you always have in your bag?